Letter: Candidates need to be questioned about community center

October 24, 2008 

In this election season, we need to ask our candidates eye-to-eye what their position is on the proposed Community Center. The bid award to start this essential and long overdue facility is delayed until the first of the year after the new bids are received and IF the City Council gives its approval. For some candidates, their 'yes' response today is the politically correct answer to get through the election.

But, I urge you to ask a more thought-provoking question, particularly if their current position is to be in favor of it. What would cause them to veto the project? How adamant are they in keeping this project intact during these times? For those currently on the council running for office and those whose seats aren't up for re-election, take a hard look at their voting record every time it's come up in the past two years. You'll find that information a part of public record. Each council member's voting pattern will tell you far more about their real intentions than anything they verbally tell you. For new people vying for seats, they need to be queried beyond a couple "surface" questions to get a real sense of their position, too. After all, if the vote were today, their position should not be significantly different than four months from now! The bond was purchased two years ago for this and other specific projects. The funds are "fenced" for this item; there's no re-allocating it for something else with a simple stroke of the pen.

Ann McCauley

Los Baños

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