High school students ask for donations

Trio plan to send care packages to troops

March 28, 2008 

A group of high school students want to send a little bit of home to military men and women who are currently serving overseas.

They just hope others can help with the endeavor.

"I think our project has a lot of meaning than others," Sharaie Davis, 17, said. "It is helping our troops."

Davis, Eric Ochoa and Jessalyn Ohman, seniors at San Luis High School, are asking for donations so they can make care packages to send to troops stationed around the world.

Ochoa, 18, said the three are asking for food, entertainment and toiletries such as baby wipes, chapstick, Tylenol and nail clippers.

The trio also said they are taking names of local servicemen and women who would like to receive the packages. They said the amount of donations they need depends on how many names they receive.

"Their (U.S. military)requirement is that each package be specifically addressed to who you are sending it to," Bill Wood, counselor, said.

The care packages are part of the student's service learning project, a requirement to graduate from San Luis High.

Wood said students are supposed to organize and execute an event as a requirement for graduation. Some students have put on career fairs and carnivals in the past but this is the first time anyone has tried to do something international.

"A group had thought about it in the past but they never got it off the ground," Wood said.

He said the care packages are a good project because it seems like donations for soldiers decrease after the holidays.

"A lot of folks send stuff around Christmas," Wood said. "But not the rest of the year."

Woods and teacher Karen Ellington are guiding students through the project but Ohman said their main duty is the hardest one, lock down donations and build a list of names to receive them.

"It is harder than we thought," Ohman, 17, said.

Davis said she would like for the last donations to be received in the middle of April so she and her friends can assemble the care packages and mail them by the time the school year ends in May.

"It would mean a lot to them (military personnel) to get some stuff back, they are already doing a lot," Davis said.

For more information or to donate call 826-8410 or stop by 125 Seventh St.

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