Letter to the Editor: No new taxes, even by ballot

March 28, 2008 

Our city leaders have done it again. This time they have approved , subject to a gimmick election, an increase in city water rates. This is on the heels of their $ 490,000 road tax they call a garbage fee.

Perhaps it's time for private enterprise to displace the city as our water provider.

This proposed water increase is to be decided by the same abstract Assembly bill used to hoodwink voters into the city's recent road tax called a garbage fee. Specifically, this means we are to vote on the city water increase by mail, which requires but 50 percent plus one majority.

The structure of their mail-in ballot calls for it to be returned only if you object to this abusive proposal. Surprisingly, no one I know was aquainted with this abstract election format until the city assessed us their road tax called a garbage fee. My cost analysis over a 10 year period reveals that the cost of city water has doubled the inflation rate?

In the absence of a buy-out by private enterprise perhaps we should demand a reduction in the city work force? Why not, it's happen throughout our economy.

Vote no on the proposed water rate increase.

-Gordon Borges

Los Baños

Thanks for helping

We, at Cub Scout Pack 58, would like to thank all who responded to the letter that we sent to the Los Baños Enterprise regarding the stolen bike. After the letter was published we got many responses and some very generous donations. A lot of you out there didn't want to be acknowledged (and you know who you are), so in response to that a big thank you. It is so nice to see the community coming together for our boys. We didn't find the bike but had one donated to us. Again, thanks to all that responded. Even though Los Baños is constantly growing and changing, it still has that small town feeling.

-Tom Noble

Los Baños

Simpatico friendship

Wasn't it refreshing to hear Greg Hostetler speak up for the mayor and explain his loans to Tommy Jones are all paid up and this legal transaction was just one guy doing another guy a "good deed." It was all done while the mayor was just a plain average citizen like the rest of us so it should have no bearing on how the mayor would vote today on anything that Greg wants from the council.

Annexation at this time of economic uncertainty is not reasonable. Some other force must be at work to cause the mayor to feel so strongly about it. Mayor Jones even wanted the annexation before the general plan was finished.

Not one comment was made from the council about this issue. And the fact that Greg showed up to say what the mayor could not say also shows that the mayor and Greg are still working together.

The council must remain silent because this issue is serious. The loans by Greg to Tommy should have been revealed while he was running for mayor and should have been cause for him to recuse himself from votes on Ranchwood projects. The mayor kept it a secret and voted anyway. Both Greg and Tommy knew the truth, but the rest of us were just supposed to believe Tommy was looking out for the best interest of the citizens of Los Baños. Tommy is really looking out for the best interest of citizen Hostetler.

-Nathan Leon

Los Baños

Lending a hand

We, the First Baptist Outreach Ministry, want to thank Denny's Los Baños for its generous consideration in our initial fundraiser effort for the year. Their willingness to give something back to this community is greatly appreciated. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you that participated by showing up on Monday nights and donating your receipts that will manifest itself in the form of a check to the Outreach Ministry for 10 percent of your purchased meals. May God continue to bless you all, and we look to forward to your help in the future.

-Reverend Mychael

and Anna Williams

Reverend Byron

and Louanna Rodney

Los Baños

-Gordon Borges Los Baños Thanks for helping We, at Cub Scout Pack 58, would like to thank all who responded to the letter that we sent to the Los Baños Enterprise regarding the stolen bike. After the letter was published we got many res

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